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Grasshopper X – Limited WYYC 2017 Edition

119,99 $

Signature yoyo of János Karancz

The Grasshopper X is an improved, more premium, bi-metal version of the Duncan Grasshopper yoyo. The Grasshopper X is a perfect choice for professional players who are looking for a stable, fluent, reliable and comfortable competition throw. This colorway was made for the World YoYo Contest 2017 in Iceland, so it is available only in very limited quantities! Each Grasshopper X purchased in this webstore comes in a box signed by János.

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WeightDiameterWidthGap widthBearing sizeResponseResponsiveness
63 g56.3 mm44.25 mm4.5 mmC, Konkave (.250 x .500 x .187)Duncan SG Stickers
(19 mm Slim Pad)
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