17. Duncan Torch Light-Up Kendama-1. kép-Kék és Citromsárga
17. Duncan Torch Light-Up Kendama-2. kép-Kék és Citromsárga
17. Duncan Torch Light-Up Kendama-3. kép-Piros és Fehér

Duncan Torch Light-Up Kendama

15,99 $

The Torch Light-Up brilliantly illuminates the entire kendama! Both the base and the kendama are fitted with bright lights for gorgeous play. Eeach of the Torch’s cups is surrounded with a soft silicone ring that offers easy, cushioned landings for the ball, perfect for the beginner. Also fit for a pro, the silicone rings can be easily removed as skill progresses.


Blue body with Translucent ball, Translucent body with Red ball, Yellow body with Blue ball

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