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Janos YoYo Shop is a Hungary based worldwide yoyo webshop owned and operated by World YoYo Champion János Karancz.


János Karancz received his first yoyo in 2005 and he fell in love with this interesting and unique skill toy immediately. After years of dedication and practise he became a member of the Duncan YoYo Team in 2011.

After his success at regional contests he won his first National title in 2012. In 2013 he won the European and the World YoYo Contest respectively. During his first experience on the world stage, he became the first ever European player to capture a World title in what is deemed to be the most competitive division called 1A. Since then he has achieved two more National titles and he still competes actively around the world.

According to János, thanks to yoyoing he became much more tenacious and persistent. Furthermore, his ability to concentrate has vastly improved and this has helped him a lot during his studies too. Besides from yoyoing, János studies landscape architecture at a Hungarian university in Budapest.


In 2016, after being part of the yoyo community for over a decade, János Karancz decided to launch his own online store called Janos YoYo Shop.

Using his long term experience and vast knowledge, in his webshop he carefully collects a wide range of high quality products from all over the world for beginners, intermediate and professional players. Besides offering yoyos and accessories, this online store also offers other interesting skill toys that are popular within the yoyo community, toys such as the Kendama and Spin Top.

These skill toys can significantly improve your creativity, space vision and your ability to concentrate. Additionally, these players can truly experience how it feels like to be a part of a supportive community, to travel together and to share each other’s successes. All of these positive effects have propelled János forward and he feels it imperative to share these toys, along with his passion and enthusiasm to his home country, Hungary and to the entire world!

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